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Regular tree trimming and pruning are essential as they help your trees remain healthy. Beautifully trimmed trees increase the aesthetic appeal of your yard and home. Keep your trees in prime condition by hiring us to handle the trimming.

If your trees are interfering with the electrical lines leading to your home, trust no one but us to look into it. We can safely remove those overgrown limbs and other tree limbs that are in the way of your vehicles, gutters, or roofs.

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We've been in the tree care business for over 12 years. When it comes to quality and experienced tree trimming services, look no further than Southwest Oklahoma Tree and Lawn Service.

We also remove tree limbs that are dead or diseased

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Experienced Tree Trimming

Do you want your yard to look unique in the neighborhood? Contact us today in Lawton, OK, and we'll be there for you. Let us also help you with oak tree thinning to save its limbs from breaking and falling over during strong winds. This will allow more sunlight to reach your lawn, making it healthy and beautiful. We also trim branches that block passages and give pests easy access to your roof and attic.

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